Investor Visa in Bahrain

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What is Investor Visa in Bahrain?

Investor Resident Permit often called Investor visa in Bahrain is a resident permit granted to the investors in Bahrain. Kingdom of Bahrain immigration law makes Bahrain Investor visas available to foreign investors owning a business within the Kingdom. Foreign investment benefits the economy through job creation and capital investment. So, in return, Bahrain awards investors with a discrete visa policy.

How to get Investor Visa in Bahrain?

To get an Investor visa in Bahrain, an individual can register a company in Bahrain or purchase shares of an existing company in Bahrain.

Bahrain investor visa has two types:

1. Businessman
2. Investor

LMRA Investor visa, often called Businessman visa in Bahrain is issued by LMRA Bahrain after approval from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce & Tourism and NPRA.

What is the cost of visa in Bahrain?

The cost of an Investor visa Bahrain or a Businessman visa Bahrain is BHD 172 for one year and BHD 344 for two years.
GOSI (Insurance) BHD 00 for Investors and 4% for employees
One Year Visa fee BHD 172.000
Two Years Visa fee BHD 344.000

What are the documents required to apply for an investor visa in Bahrain?

An LMRA Expat Management system is required to apply for a Businessman visa in Bahrain or an investor visa in Bahrain; it required the applicant to feed all the details of him like name, passport number, nationality, address in Bahrain (if any), father name, marital status, education, issue and expiry date of passport, hospital name of medical, medical slip number.

1) Copy of Commercial Registration in Bahrain
2) Extract of CR in Bahrain
3) Electricity bill of the office where the company is registered
4) Copy of Passport (Passport should be valid for more than six months)
5) Medical Report from Approved GAMCA Centers or from any health centers on LMRA Non-Gamca Countries Form (If the investor is already in Bahrain, then medical is not required to apply for an “Investor Visa Bahrain” or a “Businessman Visa Bahrain”).