Visa Services

Labour Market Regulatory Authority

General Instructions

1. Bahrain has outsourced its visa services. This service is done in accordance to the rules and regulations of the Kingdom of Bahrain. These services are provided by the Nationality, Passport & Residence Affairs to enable citizens, residents and visitors to apply and manage their visa transactions in an efficient and convenient way.

2. Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Indain, Sri Lankan and other nationality can apply with us. Cases requiring reference will be granted Visa only after receipt of approval from concerned authorities.

3. The Company has the sole discretion to determine duration of the Visa and the number of Entries in each case. Visa can be refused to any person without assigning any reason.

4. The date of delivery (for cases other than those requiring reference and for Pakistan, Indain, Bangladesh, Sri Lankan nationals and other nationality will be indicated at the time of acceptance of form.

5. Visa fee once accepted will Not be refunded.

Required Terms of Services

An application has to be submitted by the guarantor or an authorized person or eligible visitors to get the service.
Applications must be separated in case of having more than one application and each request must have its own documents.